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05062105 tomky geoduck adult article
Serious Eats

All About Geoduck: The Life of a (Delicious) Oversized Mollusk ...

All About Geoduck: The Life of a (Delicious) Oversi...

Placeholder entry image article
Serious Eats

A Day in the Life of a Singapore Hawker | Serious Eats

A Day in the Life of a Singapore Hawker | Serious E...

20141208 naomi tomky mexican sandwiches torta hot milanesa article
Serious Eats

An Introduction to Mexican Sandwiches

An Introduction to Mexican Sandwiches

20140802 sri lankan food rice and curry spread naomi tomky article
Serious Eats

An Introduction to Sri Lankan Cuisine | Serious Eats

An Introduction to Sri Lankan Cuisine | Serious Eat...

20140807 dubai fish market stalls naomi bishop article
Serious Eats

A Visit to Dubai's Fish Souk | Serious Eats

A Visit to Dubai's Fish Souk | Serious Eats

Open uri20140619 30160 ajaklj article
Serious Eats

Four Hours for Barbecue: the Psychology of Waiting in Line for Food ...

Dec 12, 2013 ... [All Photographs: Naomi Bishop] Confused, my mind muddled by the 105°F heat of Austin, I collapsed ... Naomi Bishop Tomky Dec 12, 2013...

Open uri20140619 25023 bajd0p article
Serious Eats

Market Scene: Mercado San Juan in Morelia, Mexico | Serious Eats

Jun 14, 2013 ... [Photographs: Naomi Bishop] The hard cement walls of the 20th-century building enveloping the Mercado San Juan ... Naomi Bishop Tomky....

20140901 naomi tomky vietnamese food hoang lan bun bo hue thumb 625xauto 410556 article
Serious Eats

Going to Seattle? Don't Miss the Vietnamese Food

If you eat your way through Seattle without entering a Vietnamese restaurant, you need to head back and try again....

20141203 octopus poke naomi tomky thumb 625xauto 415928 article
Serious Eats

Going to Hawaii? 10 Must-Eat Local Specialties

Yes, you should leave the resort if you're on a vacation to Hawaii. These 10 delicious local foods are why....

20140126 naomi tomky culinary souvenirs provencal mug thumb 625xauto 418479 article
Serious Eats

Take it With You: The Best Culinary Souvenirs

Having been to more than 30 countries in search of the best-tasting foods, I've collected many amazing souvenirs—and a few terrible ones. I've learned some lessons about where to find take-home treasures—and what to avoid....

20140707 seattle ice cream cover naomi tomky thumb 625xauto 408445 article
Serious Eats

The Best Ice Cream (and Other Frozen Desserts) in Seattle

Six years ago, Seattle went crazy over its first small-batch ice cream shop. Now we're barely able to narrow our list down to eight favorite options. As we tasted our way around the city, we were most impressed with the places serving innovative flavors designed with taste in mind, not...

20150305 naomi tomky soba making noodles 2 thumb 625xauto 420735 article
Serious Eats

The Secrets of Amazing Soba: Behind the Scenes at Miyabi 45th

Dried noodles have mostly replaced homemade udon or soba in the Japanese home kitchen, but the fresh soba tradition is alive and well in Seattle at Miyabi 45th, where chef Mutsuko Soma rolls out noodles daily to make sure they are smooth enough to slurp, strong enough to dip, and...

Crumble and flake all thumb 625xauto 395422 article
Serious Eats

We Eat Every Single Pastry at Crumble & Flake, Seattle's Best Pastry Shop

The legendary lines at Crumble & Flake in Seattle have died down, and now the ridiculously good smoked paprika and cheddar croissant can be yours in a matter of minutes. What else is worth ordering? We ate every single pastry to find out....

20121211 el mariachi pambazo torta 3 thumb 625xauto 417516 article
Serious Eats

Spicy, Seared, Smothered, Stacked: An Introduction to Mexican Sandwiches

The Mexican sandwich takes the same taco flavors and turns them up to eleven, offering a world of fluffy buns and spicy meats that no food lover should leave uneaten. Here are a few of our favorite types....

06152014 where to eat outside seattle bongos cover naomi tomky thumb 625xauto 406280 article
Serious Eats

Where to Eat Outdoors in Seattle, 2014 Edition

When it's nice out, Seattle is the most beautiful place in the world. Summer might not start until July 5 (in order to guarantee rain on the fireworks, one presumes), but it sails straight through Labor Day, and everyone in Seattle, local or tourist, does their damndest to soak up...